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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Screaming on the inside!

So lately I haven't been feeling too great. My right arm is hurting more and more each day, right from my elbow going up...maybe I have sewers elbow...providing there is such a thing. I decided not to do the carnival as you had to do 2 days and there was no option to do just the one. With just me sewing I would of had to make a boat load of things which I know I wouldn't be able to manage.
I know you may read my posts and think wow that's a lot of things, I tend to waste a lot of time thinking and procrastinating actually so it's a wonder I get anything done!

Today I felt worse the pain is increasing, but I've been trying not to think about it as I love sewing too much to stop. I don't really want to take any tablets and I know that's what the doctor will say to do. Then to top off not feeling so great I saw this email.

Delivery information, 

We couldn’t deliver your parcel at your address.
Status\An error at the delivery address.

PARCEL STATUS: sort order 
SERVICE: Standard Shipping 

Postal label is enclosed to the letter.
Print your label and show it in the nearest post office of USPS 

If the parcel isn’t received within 30 working days our company will have the right to claim compensation from you for it's keeping in the amount of $13.34 for each day of keeping over limited time. 

You can find the information about the procedure and conditions of parcels keeping in the nearest office. 

Thank you.
USPS Express Services.

I don't know what to do. I'm in the UK so is there even a way for me to get it? I don't want to end up getting charged. It won't let me print the supposed label either as a virus is on it! I've written to the person I think the parcel is from, but I'm not sure if even they can get it back!

In some slightly better news

This did arrive in the mail from Fresh stash

Linen! Once my Zakka Style book arrives I can cut into it and get sewing....well once my WIP pile goes down...

Here are the other things Father got along with the boxes. (picture 2 was not one of them, they are sheets from the charity shop)
The second half of pictures is the binding for my Granny quilts, along with some mini 2" HSTs made from the trimmings. (I was about to just cut them off then thought wait I can make some HST's with them! 36 in total!)

The progress on the Owls. I had so many wings left over (46, I noticed one has 9 petals instead of 8...maybe I'll add one more to the others..) I'm thinking of turning them into flowers...sewing them down onto fabric and making pillow covers from them?
Sorry to off load on you all. I just needed to let out my thoughts a feelings.
Siya all tomorrow =D