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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A sigh of relief and an Idea...

I'd like to start by thanking those who left such nice comments yesterday. After getting some sleep and thinking a little more rationally I did also wonder if the email sent was just a hoax. It did come with a virus after all that thankfully my laptop wouldn't let me open! My arm is also feeling better. I didn't do any cutting and won't have to for a few days as I have some, just to be sewn WIPs.

On to sewing...I started on the owls and came to the realisation that I'd only cut body features to make 12! I really need to get some more bonderweb, mine is running low already after cutting all the features (for just 12)
I have 10 owl bodies with no features...poor things. So i made 6 girly ones and 6 boyish ones.
I would have taken a picture, but they were damp from the bonding so I put them into the airing cupboard to dry out. There was just one error in sewing

One right side and one wrong side! Fool! 

With the extra 6 wing pieces that weren't part of the flowers from yesterday's post (the one with 5 I took the extra 1 from the 9) I started on a cushion cover for this pillow, that has oddly been in the family since I can remember. The cover it has, has been on it for just as long. It was in need of a makeover. I stuffed the pillow some more as it was a bit on the flat side.
Make note the cover is not finished. I'm using the purple duvet cover to back it. Odd combo, but wait till you see the petals
The cover before (the pillow has been stuffed)

I draped the to be new cover over it for emphasis.
I've added a button flower to the middle where the points meet. The back is ready to sew on. I'm going to sew around the petals in a few colours before hand...once I decide which colours that is. I love the petals specially the larger frog one! If anyone has that fabric I'll happily trade something with you. Speaking of which I still have these available. Plus a few others on my bought fabric page..which I'll add shortly to the swap shop to save on some confusion.  

The idea

As you all know I love swapping and scraps, so I wondering if anyone would be interested in a scrap swap?
There would be 12 swappers. (13 with me included)  We all put in an FQ worth of scraps. You send them to me along with an SASE. I mix them all up and post you back an FQ worth of scraps. You then have the next month to make as many things, or maybe one awesome thing with your scraps. You link up any items made from the scraps. 3 winners will be picked at random to win a prize at the end of the month (of course I wouldn't be joining the giveaway). 
Sound like a good idea? Would any of you be interested?

Well that's all from me folks =D