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Friday, 11 May 2012

That Friday feeling!

I think today was rather busy, yet super relaxed for me! Which makes a change since I'm always busy sewing. Today was a mix of washing-Clothes- Cooking-Lunch and dinner- Hand Sewing!
(Dinner was handmade Jamaican Curried beef patties! If you'd like the recipe let me know.)

So I rescued the owls from the airing cupboard and actually remembered to take some pictures. They are so cute. I've ordered some stuffing (from eBay), which will arrive sometime next week..once it gets here they can be stuffed sewn and done!

I did think about binding the granny quilts then hand quilting, but I thought the hand-stitching may distort the quilt. So quilting first binding after. I went with echo quilting around each block. I started with the brown/black blocks first, as I already had brown perle. I've done the blocks on both. Now onto the red/yellow/orange....I have red perle for them.

The lobster clips I ordered came today,  as I was inspired to make up some key fobs/pouches in the near future. All thanks to the RATZ Swap

Reading through the blogs as I do each night I came across this

There and Back

I'll be joining in courtesy of my recent love for hand-stitching!.
Hop over to This post I have an idea for a swap and would like to see if anyone would be interested in joining it.