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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday night.dee dee dee da da da da dum...

It seems like the weeks are going by so quickly these days! I spend a lot of time sewing which seems to take up most of my week and I wouldn't have it any other way!

So today I got this in the mail and able to start stuffing my Owls
Excuse the mess my room has a variety of odd things lazing about. 

Stuffing!! I think another bag has yet to arrive

Awesome hairstyle right?!

12 little owlies! (with my laptop case in the back) 
So that's 12 owls done! I must admit I got distracted watching some recordings (love the TiVo box) of Masterchef Australia, but instead of watching it I took the owls with me and sewed down the feet and beaks as some were peeling off!! I then stitched up the turning gap and finished them up after dinner. They vary in size some are smaller, but still soooo cute! I'll be sad to see them go...Think I'll make an extra one just for me!

Also through the letter box a card from the post office. There is apparently a parcel waiting for me, which has actually made it to the UK! Only I have to pay customs charges to get it sent to me! Strange times!

I've been wanting to make a bag/purse with handles for quite some time now. I've been scouring the net for some inspiration and tutorials. I found a few I loved, but had to pay for. Then I remembered I have this bag. It surprisingly can hold a lot of items, for it's size...(I happen to be the master of making things fit!)
 So I thought hey maybe I can make a replica, as the inside of the bag seems to be falling apart ^_~

The cute inside fabric

The falling apart at the seams! 
My Father got me that coral/terracotta coloured fabric..I don't know if it's cotton or linen type material. It's got a pearl shine on one side and the other is dull.? I like it though so I'm going to use that to make up the outside and find another fabric for the inside.
If all goes well I'll make a few more. I'll have to draw around the bag and add some inches...then improvise on the flap as it's pleated, but it should work out...she says hopefully.

So stay tuned to see how that works out. =D