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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy International Mother's day!

Our Mother's day was in March! So I'm wishing A Happy Mother's day to all The international mother's out there!

Today was another finish day for me! I seem to be on a roll this month! I got the bag and my cushion cover finished!
The bag with the original and the cushion! ( oh and my green beach chair!)

The backing for the cushion isn't quite large enough, but it's behind my back, so only you and I will know Shhhhhhh!!
The bag was actually fun to make. I roughly traced around the actual bag then neatened up the edges. I had to guess with the flap as it was a shell sort of shape.
 The longest part was the flap as I had to hand-sew the overlapping piece. down. You know the score with Jano, though he worked when sewing it to the actual bag! I used some stiff fabric my father brought me today in replacement of wadding/interfacing. It worked really well, better than the two in my opinion.
I lined it with a cream bed sheet. I admit, I forgot all about the handles until I'd almost sewn up the bag! So I quickly had to make some and attach them, but next time I'll position them better and make them slightly longer. The bag sits just on my rib cage. I happen to have a longer torso than most so next time I'll have it so it rests on my hip at least. Then it should be just perfect for someone shorter.
I love the fabric though! The colour of it and the feel of it is so soft!
It's a spacious small bag actually. I'll make some more eventually to sell. I might possibly make some scrappy patchwork ones too.
So that's an idea for you. Instead of buying a new bag make a copy of one you love!

Just enjoyed a slab of cake! Yum =D