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Monday, 14 May 2012

The great Disappearing Act

Today was a great sewing day..mail day but not so much movie day!

In the mail this morning I received this! Bought Here....I notice the price has dropped by 2p!!

The Older Giant and I sat and watched Haywire. To be fair I thought with the glowing reviews that it would be much better. My rating for it is 2 out of 5. For all movies I see I'd say watch them for yourselves and see whether or not you like it. It might be your kind of movie or it may not be. 

After the movie I finally made a start on the Disappearing 16 patch quilt I've had sitting for some time waiting to be sewn (cough since march cough!) I had all the blocks made and the sashing all prepared...I was just busy making other things....So here is the first quilt top

I have another one to do, the blocks are cut as well as the sashing for the blocks....just not to go around it. I thought not going with too much white. The blue fabric is a bed sheet I got at a charity shop. The white is actually also a bed sheet! (yes at times I can be a cheapskate!). 

It went together pretty quickly. Gotta love chain piecing. I'll maybe have it backed and ready for quilting by the end of the week....but most of you know me by now and I like to have various projects on the go!
I'm making another quilt for myself as I still have some MAM prints left....I may also make a scrappy bag too....and a pouch to go inside the bag.....So if anyone has some great bag tutorials they'd like to share it would be much appreciated =D