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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Say Cheese Granny!

Today was a goooooood day!

First off I woke up and saw a pile of parcels on my table! (I didn't even hear my door open) I resisted opening them and went to start my routine.
After the routine I went with Father to the post office. Some lucky Ladies will be receiving some fabric in the the RATZ Swap item....which I just remembered I didn't take a finished picture of before sending it!! DoH!
Upon returning I opened my parcels

In picture order
1&2 -Perle cotton from Thread Art $0.99 each! Which is £0.62p they were on sale! so I got 14 different colours. I had more in the basket, but scaled it down!.....Strangely big box which was filled with paper over thread!
3,4,5&6- The package from Zipit. I love the cute tape they put on the parcel. I peeled that off and stuck it on the inside of my new tin! On the back they stamped the cute rainbow monkey!! I ordered 25 8" and 5" zips in some gorgeous rainbow shades! All ready to make pouches.
7-Fabric received in a swap with Steph-Hope Sewing is Genetic. Navy Pezzy print-American Jane and some random charms.
8-Fabric swapped for in the Fugly Fabric Party with Debbie-A Quilters Table. Backyard Friends by Whimsicals for Red Rooster and My Mind's Eye by Riley Blake
9. My new tin filled with notions ans sewing accessories!

Then I decided to take some time out and do some sewing for myself

You'll have to stay tuned to see what this becomes. Yes I'm being sneaky! =D