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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Guess who got more mail!

Yeah that's right ME!!

First up a cute package from Moira-Kettle boiler. YAY! Fugly swapping

She included this as an cute!

Some fabric ordered (before my ban) from Eternal Maker

 I'll put pictures up on my fabric page soon
Some Aneela Hoey,  Micheal Miller, Half moon Modern,  Lecien  Japan,  Anna Maria Horner, 
  I finished hand quilting both Granny quilts! Just the binding to put on then they will be finished!!

I tried my hand at some tea dyeing (well I used coffee and tea). The fabric was cream to begin with, I wanted it darker...This is a test swatch. I have since began dyeing the bigger pieces. It's not dark enough so I'll try again tomorrow.

Then I pulled out my acrylic paints to see how they work on the fabric. I'm trying to make it have a scrapbook page look for the Polaroid blocks I showed you yesterday here

The test swatch always seems to be better than the bigger pieces...-_-  I'm hoping it goes better tomorrow. I did look online for a guide not sure I followed it right on the larger pieces....Any tips? Have you ever dyed fabric with tea/coffee?

I also changed the layout on my MSM Swap item


I'm hoping she replies as it has to be sent off soon! She hasn't been very vocal so far on my pictures so I'll see how it goes. If she doesn't comment I'll just go with it anyways. (You my be wondering about the circles..I layered fabric, drew a circle onto the top piece...pinned through the center, cut round it with scissors!-Yes I'm learning how to use them correctly now- done!)

Well that's today...tomorrow will be another story-Well blog post =P!