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Saturday, 4 August 2012

1 more day

To enter my GIVEAWAY....why? Because I was so busy today I completely forgot until this evening. So you all have one last chance to rush over and enter. Tomorrow the Younger giant will pick 3 winners to receive some mystery goodies! (Not that he knows this yet!) 

Today was very eventful. I was woken up early by my dear sweet Father to unpick the pockets on his suit jacket. I just happened to still be half asleep and unpicked a pocket on the wrong side! So I had to sew it back up then unpick the right side. Mother thankfully was taking her time to get ready so I was able to get that done with moments to spare.

The shopping came late and the man was rushing us to remove it from the carts like it was our fault he was late! ( I blame the other perhaps slower previous cart emptier's!) So that was a crazy rush to remove and then check. Some things were wrongly delivered..or at least I hope they were as we sent them back. (I'm pretty sure they were wrong I know Mother wouldn't have ordered some of the things) I'll have to ask her when she gets back home. Its 10.42 at the moment and still no sign of them...not even a phone call! (RUDE!)

A picture of the strips for the secret project from yesterday.

In the mail this morning before all the crazy or maybe after I opened a parcel sent from my dear blogger friend's also her birthday today! We swap often and these black fabrics she had were the perfect edition to my stash.

Then I sorted the charms from the 'What was I thinking?' swap into rainbow colour to go with the rest

Then came the cutting of all the other fabric into charms to be added to the piles

Still seriously lacking in purple, red, yellow, black and grey! 

Then was watching a bit of TV to take a much needed break,  eat some food. etc

I pulled out my D16 quilts to re-pin as I had used way way too little. I managed to pin one as I was making dinner and such inbetween this. I also added another layer of wadding to enhance the future quilting as the wadding I have is on the thin side 2oz I think....

I've just got to think of a way to quilt it as I'll be doing it by hand....I know Jano hates layers!...maybe I'll try a small area and see how he goes....

And just because some pictures of my fabric in stacks!

I need to add them all to my bought page....all in good time!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Hey quit advertising your giveaway - too much competition!! lol

  2. Glad you got the swap fabric. I am loving mine. thanks again for the birthday wishes! Your fabric stacks look good enough to eat.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics. love the last pic.

  4. I love your stacks especially the one with the threads material:) Jano does she have a walking foot? You can get one cheap off of Ebay and boy does it make a difference!! Good luck I envy you sewing by hand but I don't have time:(


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