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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Are you a winner??

So as you know I reached an epic in my mind blogging milestone at 200 post and 101 followers. I threw a giveaway asking you guys to answer a fun question on what you love and hate about summer.
I called in the younger giant to help me pick 3 winners. So here they are
1. Quilt happy who said quilt happy29 July 2012 03:49
i love the garden but hate the heat

I am impressed that you have so many followers in such a short time. Good for you! I hate mosquitos and love the sun staying out longer!

I just took a break from sewing...I am so behind on sew many projects and thought I'd drop by and sign up!! Thanks for th chance!

Congratulations ladies! I'll be emailing them all for their mailing addresses so they can get their surprise goodies! Don't be sad if you missed out this round. There will be more fun giveaways later on this month.

I went for another driving lesson today. The Older Giant came with me and sat in the back talking to my instructor about the Olympics LOL! I need to improve on my gear changes (foot right down on the clutch!) and going slower around turns! My moving off has gotten a lot better though which I was surprised about.

I got in and did some more hand quilting on the last charm quilt. I need some motivation to finish it! Urghhhh! Maybe I'll put on some music whilst I quilt?!

I've also been looking at the pages I bookmarked for inspiration and  sketching out ideas for blocks to possibly turn into cushion covers or quilts. I've decided I'll stick with the smaller quilts, mini, baby and lap I enjoy piecing them...just not finishing them! 
Well tomorrow I'm back at the Centre to help with the Summer cooking....that should be 'Fun' lol, then will be the continuation of the secret project part two!

Siya'll tomorrow =D