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Monday, 6 August 2012

When your washing machine erupts!

Today was very exhausting!
I got to the centre and it was in chaos. There was a birthday party, A Jamaican independence event, the over 50s luncheon club as well as our Summer Activities all going on TODAY! There were children everywhere which was pretty crazy and so loud.
There were only actually 8 children on the Cooking today. 2 of which went home as they were not feeling too well, but will hopefully return tomorrow.It was a little crazy at first as we had no containers so I had to run out a grab some as well as go in search of one of the children who left (found him in the alleged waiting room as he had gone straight to reception) They made chocolate muesli cakes and cold fish cakes...(yeah I know right!). There was also some cold pea soup which the children actually enjoyed. Tomorrow is pizzas and smoothies. It was actually a good class and the children really seemed to enjoy the process.
Afterwards was sorting out the office tidying and such as there was paper everywhere and noisy children running about the place. Looks like this is going to be an interesting week, though things should calm down (she said hopefully)

Getting back home I was sooo hungry as I couldn't eat any of the things we made..I'm sure the poor children were peckish too! So I made some food...whilst I was eating I heard a sound like a tap was running, I jumped from my chair to see the washing machine had actually erupted. Water was gushing out from it. I had to sprint up the stairs to tell Father who reluctantly came down to mop the floor...then he called the Younger Giant to take over and left! The machine still had 22 minutes left on the cycle....or so we thought some half an hour later the machine hadn't finished the floor was still being covered in water and I took over mopping as the Younger Giant was doing a feeble job!

So we mopped and waited and mopped and waited the machine never did finish as Mother came in from work and said to just turn it off as the minutes kept going up instead of down! They are coming on Wednesday to have a look at it...
The floor looked much like this
We have very poor drainage in our garden as the ground is quite flat, so instead of water going towards the drain it just stays there flooding the garden!!

I was not amused and my food was half cold I was so tired too. So I trailed to my room and did a bit of sewing that I had started on before I left then I had a much needed nap.

There is still more to do, but I didn't want the pile to get too unorganised, with all the chain stitching  so doing it in sections is easier.
Cooking class is earlier tomorrow from 10-2pm so I'll be able to get some more sewing done when I get in.

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. yikes! hope you get your washer fixed soon!
    i do my chain pieceing in small bits, otherwise I get everything mixed up and out of place :)

  2. Awful when there is something wrong with the washing machine, espeically when there is water coming out. I have to call the repairman today because my washer makes a terrible noise when it starts spinning. Must be something wrong there.

  3. oh noes to the washing machine flooding!!! hope you get your sewing done! x

  4. What a day! None of that food sounded good to me, but pizzas and smoothies - that should be better! I hope the washer fix isn't an expensive one. That had to be startling! Hope for more sewing time for you to relax!

  5. You sound super busy! Hope the cooking class was good!


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