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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Free goodies fellow UK bloggers?

Yes that's right. Last week the Mother ordered herself a Graze box and got some coupons to share with friends for a free first box. The bad news is it's a UK only site. The good news is that you get some free treats!
Her code is RN5F35LD and if you want another box my link is here so check it out and bag yourself and your friends a free box of healthy snacks. You can only use each code once. 
She's ordered 2 already and has been really pleased with her selections.  You don't have to eat all the contents on the some day. Going by the name you just Graze when you feel a bit peckish.  Though she recommends you eat the bread (if you order any) on the same day. The box comes with a leaflet to tell you more about the products and each box you order comes with 4 coupons to hand out to your friends. If they use your code you get £1 off your next box.

(disclaimer. You can not use your own code. Also I can not be held responsible for you getting hooked and ordering more boxes after you try one...)

Yesterday was a fun cooking session! We made vegetarian pizzas and fruit smoothies using soya milk. The children really had fun getting stuck in and being able to knead the dough themselves. They each made 3 small pizzas and ate one for lunch before washing them down with a few cups of smoothies. We had pineapple, banana and strawberry variations! 
Today was Gardening, Guy went out with the children, which were a new set as some just wanted to do the gardening (or maybe didn't realise how awesome cooking was). I watched them as they ate lunch, and boy were they crazy! I had to play detective to solve the who stole who's food! I joined them for a while outside and ended up covered in cobwebs and the odd spider!!! 
Afterwards I had a random interview for a job I don't even recall applying for, but hey. I was there for 5 minutes! I was not amused! They said they would call later If I was successful for the second round of interviews on Friday. I haven't heard back and now its after 11 so I guess not....

Upon getting home I'm glad to report the washing machine is fixed! The pipes were clogged with colour catchers, there were a good few in the pipe the Giants said. 
I was happy to be able to put my washing in.
I even got some sewing done today after reportedly doing none yesterday. I really wasn't in the mood to do any so I watched a lot of TV instead.

More progress on the secret project part 2. I had to cut some more strips as some colours ran out before others had, that I needed....I think now I have enough and there will be some leftover strips...

See that pile in the second picture? That's my stock for future shop...the blue item is a WIP quilt, that area had the most space for it not to be crushed after I had basted it..

I'm off to order me a free Graze box 

Siya'll tomorrow =D