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Thursday, 9 August 2012

So unexpected!....

Today was a day when the weather turned out to be hotter than expected.
At the centre I was indoors for a while having a chat with R and sorting out a few thing. Then I went outside to join G with the children. I must say it was a very productive day. We made the patch for growing slightly larger. The children were having a good time out there and some didn't want to go back inside! I got stuck in too clearing the grass. I help Father in out own garden when need be, though I haven't been out much this year due to the Volunteering. The Younger Giant got that honour. Older doesn't care for gardening.
We bought them back in so they could have their lunch which always seems to cause fights between the children. We did get them to apologise to each other, but children + lunch = disaster and guess who had to watch them. (This girl!) Remind me on Monday to slap G for leaving me with them! They were in the computer room after lunch to design their own gardens. They had fun for a while then got bored and started to play games instead. We (I) watched them and helped them until their parents came to collect them. One parent was half an hour late!

I went back in the office to help R with some paperwork. I had a missed call on my phone from the company from yesterday. They rang to say I had gotten through to the second stage of interviews and I was supposed to have been called yesterday. So that's tomorrow at 12. I was supposed to be helping again, but R said she would go in instead. I'll be there all next week with G as the manager is back. I wasn't expecting the call and the Interviewer? sounded sorry he hadn't called yesterday, as he expected I thought that meant they weren't interested (which is true lol!)
He said I'll be there from 12-6/7/8......As I'll be working with a team leader going round to sites. I have to take notes and such too. Not to sure about it, but I'll see what happens. After all nothing ventured nothing gained right?

Looking after children is exhausting work! So when I got back home I relaxed in front of the TV then read some more chapters of my book. Mother called to say she would be home late so I'd have to make dinner today and would 'help' me tomorrow. So I was doing dinner too.

I then sat to watch the mens 200m Final on the Olympics and was proud to see Jamaica get the top 3 spots!! Bolt, Blake and Weir really ran a brilliant race!

Oh and no post can be complete without a picture. I got some fabrics in the mail today, that I bought before my ban. from Marian she was having a destash sale in her Etsy shop. So I bagged a few prints
Some Tula Pink and Micheal Miller, as well as some cool scraps.

I'm so tired and I know I'm in for another long day....

Siya'll tomorrow =P