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Saturday, 11 August 2012

What's in your bag?...

So yesterday I had my full day 2nd interview. Full day being from 12-8.30! The company wasn't what I expected at all. The advert on the website I found it on was very misleading. It didn't highlight exactly what the company truly did and made it seem like it was an office job. It wasn't! We were out walking for all those hours. The job was for those people that knock on your door and ask if you've received a grant for house insulation. (the stuff that goes in your loft and walls to make it much warmer without need for heating!)
It was a very strange experience and almost seemed rude going into peoples houses. Sure we weren't selling them anything, but it didn't seem like something I could feel comfortable doing. We walked up and down the same street 3 times in 3  different time frames. The houses where people didn't answer on the first leg we had to knock back at on the 2nd and possible 3rd if they still didn't answer. It's a commission based job so the more people you sign up the more you get paid.
I wasn't keen on the idea you may be walking all those hours and could potentially make nothing for the day. My parents and the Older giant weren't impressed either. I didn't get home till after 10 as I had to wait for the last assessment then catch the bus. I think I would have gotten the job, but it wasn't the right job for me so I told them I wouldn't be interested in working there and it was left at that.
Mother kept me company as I ate dinner and she said I made the right choice. I could have left during the time, but I wanted to see the whole day through to get a better understanding of the company. I like seeing things through, just encase I miss something and wonder, should I of stayed.

(warning the following post has a lot of pictures!)

The title refers to what I was actually carrying in my bag yesterday as I wasn't sure if we had breaks and such and some other stuff was bought before the interview started
 My new bag that I've been using for a while as it was just sitting there and I spent a fair bit of money on it when I first bought it a year or 2 ago. I always have so much crammed inside it. Probably somethings I don't even need. If you look good you can see some handmade items I got from swaps or bought...the floral purse is not one of them!

This morning in the post I got my Graze Box my code for you to get a free box is here. The food looks so good!

After getting in from a lengthy shopping trip! I found this awesome magazine, which has some really great quilts, templates and inspiration inside. (Mother said to mention that SHE directed me to it..which she indeed did as the aisles have all changed again, so I actually walked past it) I'm not sure if it's just exclusive to Tesco. I found it on this site's a little pricey though at £9.99 approx $15, but worth the money I'd say. I'll take a few snaps of the projects inside tomorrow for you to see.

Then I made some great progress on part 2 of the secret project. Even though I'm still achy from yesterdays walking, I pushed that out of my mind and got sewing up a storm...

Sewing table just before I went down to eat dinner. Yes I use a deck chair at the moment...folds down for easy storage...(and to hide the mess under the table.....Shhh)

I have a few jobs to apply to tomorrow one I need to pop my CV in the post. I'm looking forward to the volunteering on Monday! No 8 hours walking....

Siya'll tomorrow =D