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Friday, 3 August 2012

1 present down a few more to go!....

Today was my last official day at the work placement. I rang a few people, photocopied some papers and helped the manager out with a few things. I got an evaluation and she said I need to work on my people skills e.g greeting people and smiling more. I must admit I'm not used to being around people much. I rarely leave the house unless I really need to and I like staying indoors. I'm not one for going out and wasting money on things I don't need to be buying. So being inside is the safer cheaper option (unless we talk about fabric...). She asked if I had any feedback for her. I gave her some helpful pointers which she appreciated.
For the next two weeks I'll be down there helping with the Summer activities cooking and gardening. I must also admit I'm not overly fussed on children. I know I don't want any of my own, I like looking after other peoples children as they go back to their parents after...I just could never see myself with children of my own. (The younger giant is enough work...the crazy boy!). Mind that could change someday way into the future when the right man comes along, but until then I wont hold my breath.

I also have to mention the awesome Caribbean food we got today from the restaurant in the centre! Father and the Older Giant were outside when I was leaving for my lunch break and we all went back to get some food as Father said we could treat ourselves as we're ahead on paying the council tax. I was stuffed and had to even save some for dinner!

So upon my return home I fished out the cushion cover I had made for Mother a few months back, I removed the backing that was way to small. Then took off those borders as I wanted to make it larger and brighter

I pulled out some strip scraps I had gotten from various swaps and cut them down to the right sizes to make the cover an 18" square

I backed it with some black and grey stripey fabric I bought at the market. It is super soft and has a slight glitter to it.

I love how much brighter it looks and I hope she does too.

Then I went to start on dinner, which was homemade pizza! Nothing beats it! Really nothing (Not even pizza hut!) Not that I'm bragging or anything (OK maybe a bit..)

Then I set on the not so mammoth task of chopping all those thinner fabric strips down to size...and forgetting to take a picture of the evidence..I will tomorrow don't you worry.

I just had to help Mother with the online shopping, twas funny as she has till 11.46pm to update it and now is like 11.36, she was panicking she wouldn't get it sent through on time. Tomorrow her and Father are off to London for a family friends wedding. (I'm not keen on weddings either!)
Which means a whole day of sewing activities for me! YAY!

Siya'll tomorrow =D

P.S You still have a short while to get your entries in for my GIVEAWAY good luck!!


  1. enjoy your "alone" time tomorrow! Your Mom will love the cushion....I'm glad you added the new borders. I like it better than the first ones. The new ones look "happier". I'm off to work tonight on my Graveyard weekend.......

  2. I love those polka dot fabrics; have fun sewing this weekend.

  3. You CRACK ME UP!! I used to fight with my boss every year during eval time - it was a mess! Have an awesome day off!

  4. I really like the new scrappy borders on the cushion. It brightens the whole thing nicely.

  5. The cushion cover became lovely, better than before. Enjoy your whole day of sewing!

  6. Girl you just do everything as I love you cushion cover!!


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