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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Guess who has two thumbs and more happy mail......


I really didn't even expect to be getting mail everyday this week, but oddly that's how things have been turning out....I'll have to wait and see how tomorrow morning turns out.
However I didn't open my parcels as soon as I got back home...oh no....Instead I pulled out some fabrics to make some more GIVEAWAY (open till tomorrow midnight) goodies...only they're a surprise so I'll just show you this sneak. Funny of my 101 followers only 21 have entered......

Now onto the happy mail! I mentioned I have been searching the high fabric shops for Echo prints  I found some on an Etsy shop called The Tin Thimble to add to my collection. I just need 4 more prints and my collection will be completed! (The Florine in brass and dusted plum, choma golden rod and lena rugged suede)

Then my 112 Charms from the 'What was I thinking?' fabric swap

Please note I didn't properly separate out all 112 charms....

Then I got ironing for part 2 of the secret project...the banister is an excellent fabric holder! The strips to the right are not part of the project, they will be cut down for charms.

I then got to work on my Mothers birthday presents. The first being a cushion cover I started a while back for her by request...I ripped off th unpicked the backing (which wasn't the correct size in the first place) and the borders that I had put on there and picked out some strips from my scrap draw to use instead...I'll post a picture when the top is completed. The size will boosted from 14" to 18" now. The backing is going to be black and grey, as opposed to the blue it once was.
I just need to think of a few more things to make her. She's not really a zippered pouch using woman.....I made her a tissue pouch for Mothers Day.....any suggestions would be welcome.

Tomorrow I'll be working on some more GIVEAWAY goodies and cutting into all those well as making dinner (homemade pizza!!!)

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I wonder how you are going to get the rest of those echo prints when you are on a fabric ban??? hahaha........I ordered some fabric today that I didn't really need because it was on SALE. (hard to pass up that magic word)......Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  2. Gostaria de participar deste sorteio mas,não sei se é aberto internacional...Sou brasileira e adoro surpresas.Obrigada.

  3. I love it when the mailman comes by with a package. I didn't know about a giveaway! I am going to find out about it! Pretty fabrics!

  4. You have gathered a lot of fabrics. I like the way you make the combinations. I'm going to order some fabric today, so I will be waiting for the postman!

  5. Wow, you've been hugely busy while I've been away! I love the Echo, v jealous!


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