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Monday, 13 August 2012

A solid affair....

Today at volunteering we made.....pineapple and peach turnovers.....Chinese chicken noodle soup....pancakes and yogurt smoothies (though we had to use a blender so they weren't quite smooth) One poor boy left in tears after being told he had to try some vegetables when he really HATES them....another boys turnovers burnt, but he tried one anyway and took the rest home.....2 girls did not enjoy the not so smooth least half the children came back for seconds or thirds of the soup and took to some home.......
Twas an interesting time. Afterwards I waited with one of the girls who's Mother was over half an hour late to pick her up! (yes the same woman from last week!) I'm not too sure how many will turn up tomorrow as most of them are going on holiday (some people have all the luck)

I have a confession. I have been cheating on prints for the last few weeks with Solids! I have been using them and no other fabric. I love the punchy bright tones. The range of colours they come in and you don't have to pull out ones that match. Any combination of colours goes together. That's why I'm so totally in love with them right now!

 I'm glad to report part two of the secret project is done! So now I can move on to part three! The cutting is in process. Soon I can get back to sewing....

I'm having fun with this project...I may eventually need to buy some more linen...once I get some monies that is.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Yeah, money will help. We got stuff to make but I have only got a mirror done so far.

  2. I love the secret project.. Is that Essex linen I see in the last picture?

  3. solids are great aren't they? they look very effective too! x

  4. I love your solid work! :) Also your new blog setup looks great! :)


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