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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Part 3 Done!

So today was rather humid at times! Our summer weather still seems to be in full swing, though G mentioned the rest of the week is scheduled for rain...way to ruin the week G!!
Cooking was fun experience considering we expected no children to turn up 5 walked through the doors this morning.
On the menu was;  Bread rolls, two girls made those.....Fruity BBQ chicken, 2 brothers made that....tomato soup, a boy and volunteer made that....potato wedges, Chef T made them.....Minty omelette's (don't ask), Chef T made those......pancakes, volunteer made the mix, he Chef T and I fried them.
The children aged 8-11 really had fun making the food, Some were sad that next year they may be too old for the course. We had a discussion that it should be opened up to a higher age group as I'm sure most children don't do much during the summer. (well not around here anyways) Another problem was the lack of equipment. Some cupboards are locked and nobody seems to know where the keys are for them....I suggested busting the padlocks open as much needed equipment could be in them.

Getting back home saw the completion of part 3 of the secret project. Part 4 is going to be tricky and require a lot of glad I bought some more a while back for such an occasion.

My swap item is was being put to good use! Thanks again to Amy!! I love that its portable and can be placed anywhere!

Maybe I'll have some finished by the end of the week. Father is sorting out some camera stuff so soon I'll be able to take pictures of my stock all ready to open my Etsy shop!!! I just have to think of a cool and catchy name...any suggestions?  Oh gosh and pricing.....I have a few numbers in my head.....

In other news I have dead moth and yogurt on my laptop! Fun times! (no I didn't use the yogurt to kill it...)  I sent of my CV for a job have another one I need to post out....once I get some stamps...I'm sure Momma has some!

Siya'll tomorrow =P


  1. It's nice that they organize some project for children during the holidays. I'm sure most children love to cook. Here the kids have 3 months summer holiday and they get very bored because there is nothing for them to do.
    I'm also going to open an Etsy shop. I have to make some better pictures of the stuff I made.

  2. Its great that the kids get to learn to cook (not so great when the parents don't turn up on time though!)


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