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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Oh Hello.....Did ya miss me?

I noticed how some of you missed me...(you know who you be!) 

I've just been feeling a bit blah with the weather and all I hate it!! Friday was a long day. We actually finally got some seeds with just 2 children who attended who seemed to be more interested on playing games than actually gardening, so I made sure it was all done correctly. (Good thing Father taught me the basics I would like to thank him for my gardening skills) I then had to type up some paperwork to go with the folder for the course.
I was a little disappointed/hurt that the manger didn't even say bye before she left as I don't think they'll be needing my help next week as things go back to 'normal' and there will be 4 of them there. (I guess they may ring if they do....)

I haven been sewing and working hard to finish off my secret project. I'm happy to say the main part is done and now I'm just waiting on a delivery so it can be fully finished!

I had to spend some time at the iron to flatten things out and smooth out a few hundred creases! After the delivery gets here and is done I'll just need a good strong needle and thread.

Just want to say a quick thanks to a follower called Ada K. Sadly you're a no reply blogger and I'm not sure you'd read the post again to check if I comment back. So thank you so much for your kind words and for following my blog.

Not sure what I'll be working on next, thinking on doing a few mini-mini quilts to use up some of my scraps. Just gotta find some backing fabrics (I have a few feet of bottle green fabric!) 
I'll also be sketching up some ideas for a logo..still no name thought of yet.

Mother is off work for the next two weeks. On Wednesday we're going to see the new Batman movie and it's also her birthday(remind me I have to put a pillow in her case then wrap it!)...the rest of the week who knows.....

I best get to checking the spiced plums I put in the oven..if you'd like my recipe just ask.

Siya'll tomorrow...=D


  1. Sometimes work is like that. Very disappointing. Things will get better.

  2. Thats a shame - apart from anything its just common courtesty to say goodbye (and a thank you as well!)

  3. I had wondered where you'd gone! Sorry that they were a bit rude to you, that's a shame. At least you'll have more time to get ready for the shop opening - have you thought about making coin purses and stuff like that?
    Spiced plums sounds amazing, would you mind sharing the recipe please?

  4. That is very disappointing she did not say bye...

  5. Hubby and I saw the Batman movie while we were traversing the country. It was good. I hope you enjoy it!


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