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Thursday, 16 August 2012

One step closer!

Today I was out with the child lol! Seriously only one child showed up for gardening today, most of the others are probably enjoying fun sunny holidays abroad! We expanded the area of soil, before F (the new volunteer from the start of the week) came out to help us. We did most of the work I must say whilst the child kept wanting to take breaks or play around in the soil. Tomorrow is the last day for the Activities and no seeds have been bought as yet!!!! We mentioned to the Chairman that we needed some from last week and still nothing! Will be a shame to have dug up all that area for nothing! The manager said she'll have to run out and get some if the Chair doesn't get some by err tomorrow!
I think G was jealous that he had to stay indoors, doing some coursework stuff and miss out on all the gardening fun! He'll be out there he hopes. We all had a laugh back inside whilst the child had lunch. (men can be really mean and tell thee worst jokes ever!)
I actually love gardening. There's something rather fun about being outdoors digging up soil ready to plant your own produce. Here at home we have a vegetable patch that I was sad to miss out on helping with due to volunteering.
There was some paper work and such to sort once the child had left. There were some missing forms that needed to be filled out..only with most of the children on holiday it may be a bit tricky to get them done!
F left early and I stayed to help sort out the paperwork and a few other bits and pieces. They seem to be happy enough to have me there as I think I've been rather helpful. I'm still looking for a proper job though....

Back home was continuation of my secret project....I guess you may be wondering why it's secret? I wasn't sure if it would work when I first started it as it came from an idea I saw and then adapted it to my own style. I had a task cutting and sorting making sure everything matched up right so I could make a decent tutorial at the end. I then hit a minor bump, as I forgot about one major aspect of the project and had to do some speedy calculations and searching for the missing part. I found it eventually after a few hours of looking.

I've still been working hard on it and shockingly have no other projects on the go! This has been a main getting all the major leg work sorted so I only have the final part to finish once my order comes through.
After that I can get to work on my sorting things for my Etsy shop! I still have to come up with:

  • A cool and catchy name
  • A logo
  • Prices - thinking of doing a survey for ideas 
  • Shipping costs-can go to the post office to get that sorted
  • I need to get packaging and such for the items some are small and others are quilts or cushions- I think Father can get some envelopes for the smaller items...may have to look online for bulk boxes.....
  • Getting some business cards printed after step one and two
  • Taking pictures of each item and then uploading and editing them
  • Organising the pictures in the shop
  • The grand opening and crossing fingers that all goes well! 
I'm sure I'm missing something there, I'll add it in If I think of anything else....

More pinning to go, which is going faster than expected. I'm onto step 5 now. 

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I like reading your blog, you are a good writer. Seems that they are not very good organized at your volunteer job.
    Success with the preparations for your Etsy shop.

  2. I've been thinking about your Etsy shop and was hoping that you'll be ready to open it by the end of September. Late September/early October is the beginning of the busy season for Etsy sellers. Traditionally, I've had my highest sales volume in my Etsy shops starting in late September all the way through November, as people are starting to shop for Christmas.

    You mentioned pricing in this post (and I think another one?). Rachel at Stitched In Color recently wrote a great blog post about how to price handmade items: She was prepping for a craft fair, but I think it's still very helpful for people thinking about how to price their items for sale on Etsy. Be sure to read through the comments, too. There are some really good tips in there! :)

  3. oh I remember how exciting it was but overwhelming setting up my etsy shop!! they have excellent advice on the etsy site itself and needle and nest offered fab advice too! if you need any help with anything just mail me! x

  4. good luck with all your etsy preparations. The only advice I can give is the importance of good well taken photographs. Dark, out of focus, stuff like that won't cut it - these are the types of photos I take and I long to be better.

  5. I have no advice to give you on how to set up your Etsy shop but I see you have some good friends with experience that have done so........But you certainly have all my well wishes and prayers for a successful shop! And, by the way.....what the heck.....this post is from Thursday??? Two days gone without a post from "Chatty Cherie"???? Lol...........Just Kidding......I know life gets busy............

  6. What all will you be selling in your Etsy shop?? That will help with a name. Cheraldine's Color Creations, The Best of Cheraldine, Sew Time with Cheraldine, Sew Happy To Sew Cherie:)


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