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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A little help. Please and thanks =D

Work was crazy busy, labels phone calls running up and down.....I am tired!

Back home I really didn't have the energy to sew, so tried some layouts instead. This is where the help is needed. I have a few ideas what to make my triangles into, but not sure what exactly to go with.

Speaking of triangles the Modern She Made swap is set for round 2, so some of my triangles will go into that project too! It's not too late to join in the fun!

Layouts for the triangles
1. All together in a mini quilt

2. As mug rugs

3. As placemats

4. Split into 2 table runners

5. Split into 2 mini quilts/table toppers

6. As 4 larger placemats/table toppers

Please leave a number of the one/s you like in the comments please

The finished hoop-well once I add some ribbon to hang it up

Well that's me done for this evening. I'll look forward to reading your feedback on which option/s to go with. I'll have to flip a coin if more than one come up most popular

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I vote for using them all in one mini quilt!

  2. Number 1 gets my vote, think they would make a stunning mini quilt.

  3. I agree, one quilt would look best with those gorgeous colors.

  4. Yes #1 gives you all that triangle and colour goodness in a lovely project. Plus only 1 binding!

  5. I think they would make great table runners! {#4}

  6. #2 if you want lots of little gifties, #5 if you don't need them so much. I'm becoming quite fond of table toppers over runners.


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