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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cushion Done!

Work was crazy busy the phone would not stop ringing...I swear I'm being sabotaged!! 

One present for the Younger Giant down, one to be delivered tomorrow. His card has been written up, all ready and set for Friday...I may treat him to dinner too....we shall see......

I had to stuff it in secret, though luckily he stayed in his room, just the Older Giant was being a pain in the butt! He stood at my door knocking until I got up to answer it even though I called 'who is it' he refused to come in! 

So not either of the buttons he chose! They were not practical.......

Then I got an email from Kristy-Quiet Play to become an Honourary Aussie for Polaroid Swap she's hosting! So I pulled out my scraps and a few ready made squares to use for the blocks. I shockingly have like no feature prints for fussy cutting.....hoping the I-spy swap I joined will help with that!

Just have the white fabric to iron then cut and these blocks will be I have to ship mine earlier....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. you pulled a great bunch of fabrics for your polaroid blocks - the owl is awesome :)

  2. I-SPY's are mailing this weekend with or without the 2 charm packs!!! :)

  3. Love the pillows and you did such a great job on the embroidery!! What I spy group did you join?

  4. Love the cushion and the embroidery work!


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