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Monday, 10 September 2012

An early start!

So now my hours have changed!! I work 7.45-4 now! Which means I have to get out of bed slightly earlier, which is no fun at all! When I set alarms I tend to wake up long before them and then feel meh when it comes to getting up, as I haven't had a proper sleep.
Hopefully this will improve! Monday is the busiest day with all the over the weekend orders to sort out! As well as the phone going and customers coming in! I didn't even get chance for a break I was that busy!
So I took it when I got home instead, soup with lacto free cheese and turkey ham toasties!

Then I set to finishing off my hoop

I found my fabric triangles and set to work on sewing a few together in pairs. I went with 32 for a nice rounded number

I have no actual idea what they will become though, but it was relaxing to sew them together. I still have a load left over.....

I managed to just about sew up the Younger Giants cushion, turn it right side out and sew it without him seeing...I hope.....He likes to pop in occasionally and linger behind me for some time! I also ordered him a graze box with a special message written inside, that's being delivered on Thursday. Mother is planning on getting a canvas painted up for him, from a friend at her work place.....I forgot to ask her about it. I said she should get the Older Giant to pay half.

Anyways it's getting late and I need all the sleep my subconscious will allow

Siya'll tomorrow =D