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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sewing Fairytales!

As I've been loving embroidery after dealing wi sewing up the Younger Giants cushion back, I thought I'd do just a wee bit more.
I had already pulled out a scrap of linen and my 6" embroidery hoop to work on. I flicked through my sketch book for some inspiration and chose the fairy I love so darn much

I traced her onto baking parchment, which I will never use again, such a nightmare to tear off...I really need to get some tracing paper! I started with the outline of the wings

Then moved to the skin and her dress

Then went around her hair.
Completely forgot to take a picture once I had wrestled   taken all the paper off. (My seam ripper enjoyed this task!)

I ended up not liking the dress so I pulled out the stitches and grabbed my fabric pens instead. I filled in the shaded and more detailed areas to finish her off.
Then I removed the fabric from the hoop and gave it a good iron to set the colour in.
I used my purple perle cottons to embroider her as I have no actual embroidery threads. I like the colours and they sew up quite nicely too. I know the wings look like they are outlined with black, but that's just a very deep shade of purple.
I'm just thinking whether to add in a background or leave her as she is? I just need to finish the hoop properly using this tutorial then it will be finished!

On another note, my jaw hasn't been in pain at all today. I woke up this morning and nothing. Not sure whether that's good or bad, but it was a surprise. I half expected it to be swollen and hurt to the extremes, but nothing not even a twinge of pain oddly enough. The stitches look really odd though, the paper says they take 7-10 days to 'drop' out....

Siya'll tomorrow =D