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Saturday, 8 September 2012

That Numb feeling....

So this morning the Older Giant and I got the bus to the hospital as Father was out at bootfair (buying) and wouldn't have made it back on time to give us a lift (saving us money on bus fair!)
I was seen fairly quickly actually I thought I would've had to wait a while, but it was withing 10 mins of getting there.
The OG sat in the waiting room listening to his music and watching the cooking program that was on the TV there.
The Surgeon? Dr? or official term the Oral/Maxillofacial skin Surgeon talked me through the procedure and I had to sign a form....then onto the operation. I had 3 injections into my right gum just behind my back molar which felt really weird as it numbed up. Almost like something was wedged there. It was even stranger being awake through the operation!! I would have much preferred to of been asleep, seeing someone coming at your mouth with sharp looking objects is rather disconcerting.  I think I was there for 20 mins it could have been longer, but without my glasses on I could hardly see the time. After the op I had to sit with some gauze over the wound then they checked it to make sure it was looking OK....
I was almost through the door to leave the operating bay when I realised I had left my bag in there! Luckily the other nurse bought it down to me. I called to the OG who was not happy to be disturbed from watching the program LOL!!
We got the bus back home and saw The Parents in the car on the way to shopping, I thought Father would have stopped, but he didn't so I eventually had to get a taxi to join them as I know Mother can't shop without me there. (She forgets so many things even with a list!)
By that time my mouth was numb and my speech was all slurred and strange.

The Giants were making fun of me when I got back home as half my words were slurred and they could hardly understand me. I could hardly open my jaw either. So I went to my room to continue with the embroidery for the Younger Giants present....sadly he saw some of it as he kept wandering into my room at regular intervals!! I got him to choose two buttons as well...
He also likes hedgehogs so I added one onto the bottom of the back for him.

The back a bit larger for you to see

I don't think he saw the hedgehog going on.....It's all pinned up and ready to be sewn....I was told not to operate any machinery so I couldn't use Jano today....
Right now my mouth feels all numb again...I'm sure keeping it closed makes it worse...I really want a yogurt, but can't have anything too cold today =C

Tomorrow the pain is supposed to be worse!! Glad it's a Sunday and I don't do much expect for brunch making and sewing.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I hope you are feeling better and that all went as well as expected.

  2. oh dear, I hope it isn't too bad tomorrow! get well soon!

  3. I love your hedgehog! I hope you feel better soon! It sounded like no fun for you! I'll keep you in my prayers for a fast recovery!

  4. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  5. The hedgehog looks really nice. Your brother will love it! Hope you heal quickly.


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