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Friday, 7 September 2012

Busy as a B!

Today has been the longest day of the week yet! I got up and had to go to an appointment in town, that didn't last too long so I went around the shops quickly and actually didn't buy the things I needed (having no money right now doesn't help) So I jumped on a bus that stops near to work (had to get off the bus and walk down a seemingly long road, which took some 5mins) got it and was straight to typing up shipping labels and then the phone was ringing on and off then customers were coming in. One lady was there for a good half hour dithering about buying some vacuums, luckily I didn't have to deal with her for long...only she went on the phone and was talking so loudly when I was on the phone to another customer, I just about made out what he was saying....once I had hung up...
Then another lady came in with a complaint on her hoover and so she had to wait for it to be checked out.....oddly the guys found no fault with it so all we could do was give her a refund.....after that she was heading out to leave then changed her mind and asked the prices of some vacuums in the show room (of which no prices are currently sorted out!!) so I had to Google the prices which took a while, then she wanted to actually test the vacuum!! So I had to plug it in and allow her to use it. She wasn't overly convinced and another worker had to come out and tell her which one was the best for a certain the end she bought nothing!!! So much of my time used up! I did manage to get the labels typed up before the deadline....
It is crazy all the complaints we get about the same would have thought they would have found a way to resolve it!

The Bestie and I popped into the smaller town after work as she needed to sort out some banking issues she was having.
Finally back home I opened the package that arrived this morning...

This is courtesy of the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap from the swap host herself Leona-Leona's Quilting Adventure

Then whilst I was making dinner I got started on the embroidery for The Younger Giants Cushion!

Just 4 more letters to go!
I have a gum operation tomorrow, so Father has been trying his best to get me to let him do it! Crazy old man! He bought his 'tools' and everything to my room not to long ago...he said he would come back when I'm sleeping and I just need to leave the money on the table! Fat chance of that happening!! The Older Giant is coming with me as the letter says to bring someone along....

Oh so like all week I kept hearing a song, playing at least 5 or more times a day. I figured the typical radio wouldn't play it so many times, so it had to be one of the workers in the warehouse with their music on a loop or maybe shuffle. I eventually had to Google the words I could hear and it turned out to be this

Taylor Swift- We are never ever getting back together
It was doing my head in to keep hearing it soooo many times in one day and not hearing the full song, just the muffled words through the walls. So I just had to find it! The video makes me laugh with the random band members in animal costumes!

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