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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Out with the old.....

Today I decided to take a sewing break and catch up on some much needed clothes shopping. I happen to have an oddly long torso with just as wide shoulders to match. Which means when buying clothes I often have to get tops a size bigger than the one I need, as well as look out for ones that go well past my hips without being dresses. Clothes tend to shrink a lot in the wash, so if I buy them longer they have shrink room.
The shoulder area is a big issue though, some clothes fit my shoulders, but then don't stretch down long enough to cover my arms. I seem to also be cursed with long arms which most shirts don't accommodate. Some stop a good 5" from my wrist, which is a pain in the butt!

I really actually hate shopping for the reason above, it's so hard to find decent clothes in the length I need them to be, without feat they will shrink to nothing in the wash. As well as the hustle and bustle in the shops. I like catching them when they just open and there are only a few shoppers about. That way I can see what I'm buying without elbowing someone to get there first!

So today after going shopping and finding a few awesome jumpers (of which I plan to buy a few more of as well as some others I noticed when leaving the store!) as well as some other essential clothes. I emptied my wardrobe and drawers, grabbed all my clothes from the washed pile and sorted through them all with the help of Mother.

There were way more clothes than that, I forgot to take a proper before shot, this was a more during the process.

The white bag is the clothes to go to the charity shop and the black bag is ones to sell to a shop that buys clothes and random accessories. We've never actually been in the shop to know for sure what they buy, but we'll find out.....

This is the bag of clothes to throw out.

This is part of the hanger collection I seem to have accumulated. There were TWO other bags full, as well as some still in my wardrobe! (never again shall I ask for the hangers when buying clothes!)

The bags of my new clothes....

All that's left to do is organise my wardrobe as Mother just placed everything in....Then I plan to cut up some fabric into large squares to make some table items...I'm thinking placemats....table runners and coasters.......

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Ugh, I hear ya on painful clothes shipping. It's not so bad now, but as a tall girl, it was hard to find pants long enough and shirts and jackets with sleeves long enough!! Post-kids my body shape has changed now so that I'm more proportionate, lol. AKA bigger hips to fit the bigger jeans for length, bigger boobs to fit te bigger shirts and jackets for sleeve length!!

  2. had to be done! And looks like you accomplished the task quite well. I have gained some weight in the past year so I am not at all happy to shop right now....I will do with what I have until that elliptical machine does its magic

  3. Wow, thats a big sort out and lots of space you must have now. I always seem to accumulate hangers as well

  4. I don't have nearly the clothes you do, but it's time to go shopping soon, as all of them are getting a bit threadbare. I'm glad you found some things that you liked, since it's such a pain to go. I used to make my own, but that takes away from quilting time. =)


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