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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Finding my Sewjo

So these past weeks I have been awfully quiet, rarely blogging or even blog reading for that matter. Truth is I just lost the will to blog. I would think about it then just not bother. Even with a mound of things to be sharing I just didn't have the heart.

My camera is overflowing with pictures and yet hardly any have reached the blog. There are certain points where my mind gives up on itself and the will to do anything is lost. Things are left untouched and I find myself in front of the TV not really watching it. Well except on certain days when the Junior Apprentice comes on (The younger Giants friend is on there!) or George Clarke's Amazing Spaces (Such a great show amazing what you can build a house in/out of!) or the Heston's Fantastical Food (Supersized foods. Need I say more!!)

Work seems to be on my mind, in my dreams and attacking my thoughts. Does anyone else get that feeling? You're not awake but in a loose dream where you feel like you're at work though you know you're in bed?

I guess I should let you in on what I've actually been up to. The past week has been taking pictures of my hand made items for my Etsy shop! Father took most of them and I took some close-ups to show the use of the items. It was a battle to get the lighting right! Even with photo editing some came out looking really terrible!
I have more to edit but here are some trial and errors to show you

The first is natural light. The second is with bright/clarity and the last is with boost/bright/clarity

I wasn't all too happy so waited for a good day with some natural bright lighting. Sunday was that day! They looked brighter on the camera, but at least these were easier to edit!

I began to edit a few pictures with some simple touch ups. I used the colour/exposure/sharpen for these ones. Far better looking and more natural.,

I've also been making some more items to sell. I had a rummage through my pile of things that had been started and not finished from earlier on in the year as well as starting and finishing some new projects. The market stash has come in to play in a lot of these projects as I thought hey they're sitting there so why not make good use of them. So the following post contains a lot of pictures!

 I got to work on some zippered pouches using the market stash. These were leftover pieces from making some cushion covers (you'll see those later...)

I finished my Modern She made mini quilt and a fun pincushion. I didn't feel to make anything more as my partner didn't even leave one comment! I did throw in some scraps leftover from this...

I've also finally gotten round to using those HST's I had...I know one certain reader will recognise them....

Those earlier mentioned triangles, the larger ones and a few of the smaller have become cushion covers. I've finished one so far. The other is backed, pinned and ready to sew

I even finished off my rainbow inspired cushion covers, complete with labels!

I've got more things to show you soon as they just need finishing off ! 

So I'll be back...hopefully sooner than I have been returning, hope all is well with you all in blogland.

Siya'll later =D